A p2p superior blockchain network

Why choose us?

LightningCashGold uses a special mining process called hive mining. The intuitive interface in our wallet keeps track of "bees" you choose to create to go out and find blocks on the network. This is just phase one of our network process. Over time, we plan to drastically change the network plan so so that we end up with a 50% hive and 50% PoS Masternode network.

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Tier Graphic for LTNCG

CPU Mining

Right now is an amazing time to take advantage of our special CPU mining algorithm, yespowerLTNCG. Since we plan to phase out CPU mining when we reach our masternode hardfork, this is currently the best way to receive coins. Don't miss out! Our CPU mining pools currently consist of Hashpex and our official 0 fee mining pool.

For more information on the mining mechanics of our coin, watch this video

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This is just the simple intro to our coin. Go get more info at our Discord!